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Auto-enrolment increases on the 6th April 2018

Auto-enrolment. Times are a changing and guess what it is getting more expensive. I don’t think that this is well known or maybe it is but I thought it would be useful to remind everybody of wha  ... Read more

Inheritance tax. Ken Dodd had the last laugh.

Ken Dodd has last laugh with inheritance tax move  istock_stocknshares_aw Tom Herbert Editor AccountingWEB Share this content Tags Celebrities HMRC Inheritance tax 15th Mar 2018  12 This week saw the passing of comic legend ... read more

HMRC updates the standard for agents when tax planning

Targeting unrepresented agents doing tax-related work All members of the seven professional bodies (AAT, ATT, ACCA, CIOT, ICAEW, ICAS and STEP) are expected to abide by the PCRT, which has 55 pages of advice and guidance on a ... read more

Is a Shareholder’s Agreement really necessary?

Shareholder’s agreement’s, are they really necessary This is an article that was sent out today by Goldstein Legal. It explains why you should have a shareholder’s agreement and the process of putting one in ... read more

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital
The following article has appeared in the Times. Making Tax Digital (MTD) will happen and if you would like to know more and to find out how this will affect your business and what you need to do about it then please contact ... read more

Abi Newsletter December 2017

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Abi Ltd Autumn 2017 Budget Report

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