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General Election called on 8th June - Europe after Brexit

Map of Europe post Brexit









General Election Called for June 8th

So Theresa May has called a general election on 8th June. I think this is a very smart move. I do not believe that any of the others party’s are in a position to fight a general election Theresa May needs to galvanize her party and the House of Commons behind her so that she is able to get the best Brexit deal without side shows from disgruntled politicians or members of the House of Lords.

It is in our best interest to stop the procrastination and get on with the job of exiting the European Union. Theresa May has in my opinion played a very clever game. It should silence the other party’s who have been making noises about Brexit but have not really had anything useful to add to the process. Jeremy Corbyn and the like keep making disruptive comments that are not helpful. ┬áThen there is Nicola Sturgeon who just likes the sound of her own voice and cannot honestly believe that Scotland can do a worthwhile deal if it were an independent nation. The folly has to stop. The next two years are critical for the economy of the whole of the UK including Scotland and the position will be better for all of us if we get behind the government in this difficult time. Personally I think Theresa May is up for the job and I am feeling even more confident about the future.

Whether you were a Brexiteer or not is now academic. Article 50 has been triggered and we all need to just get on with it and make sure that we get a deal that works for the United Kingdom as a whole. I know that some of the European leaders are postulating about how they will not make it easy for the UK but in the final reckoning they need our trade and we need theirs and like with any deal there has to be something in it for both parties.


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