abi have recruited an excellent team of people whose sole focus is to provide a plain speaking, efficient accounting service to our clients. Click on the images below to get to know us a little

Alan Kirby
Sean Bufton
Sue Kirby
Gemma Straker

If you need an accountant who can apply a wealth of knowledge and experience to your business whilst speaking in plain English, please feel free to get in touch now!


Alan Kirby

My background?
I founded abi in 2004, after many years in the corporate world. I love running abi, and our team are a great bunch of people.

What I love most about abi
I get a real kick out of helping our clients build their business and achieve things they didn’t think they could

Outside of work?
I’ve been competing in triathlons for years now, so that takes up quite a bit of free time. I love Ceroc, to.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be… A pilot

Sean Bufton

My background? I’m a bit of an all-rounder – I’ve provided accountancy support to businesses in most sectors.

Me at abi I look after our property and construction clients, and our service industry clients. I’m a bit of an ‘accountancy agony aunt’ – I love giving good advice and solving problems!

Round balls or oval balls? Round balls. I’m a mad Portsmouth fan. I do love a round of golf to.

Sue Kirby

Me at abi I’m Office Manager, which means looking after the day-to-day running of abi. I also look after our marketing and business development.

My background I actually come from the dental industry – I worked my way up from a dental nurse to Operations Manager. Thankfully, Ops is a transferrable skill – I use the experience I gained here at abi.

Favourite film? Leon. It’s a brilliant crime thriller by director Luc Besson.


Gemma Straker

My role at abi: I joined abi in 2006. I mainly look after our Media & Arts clients, providing advice on a range of accountancy matters.

What makes abi different? We’re a very friendly and relaxed team, which our clients really appreciate – we’re just down-to-earth and easy to get on with. It makes work fun, as well as rewarding!

When I’m not at work… I love spending time with my family and friends. I’ve recently got into running, too – I just need to make more time for it!